Sunday, December 27, 2009


I came across this blog when I was checking out some new posts on Teri's blog.
"" I had to check it out. And of course, joined in their blog hop. I loved the idea of picking the very best project that we felt like we did this year. Their DT had some beautiful projects and want us to to pick our best of the year. I am not sure about what my best is, but I picked two that I love. Here they are and I hope you enjoy. The first is a card and the second is a shadow box.
It has been a fun year. I am looking forward to making many cards again this next year.
God bless, and Best Wishes for a Wonderful and Happy New Year !!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Both beautiful cards Nancy, not surprising these are the ones you particularly like. Thanks for hopping along with us.
    x Michelle

  2. Hi Nancy

    I've had a look around your blog and all your cards are beautiful, I can see they are all very well made with great layouts and finishing touches, it must have been hard to pick one favourite. So it's OK for you to have 2 fab choices, we have no real rules!

    Thank you for taking part in our blog hop and the awards.

    Happy New Year!

    Jill x

  3. Fabulous cards hun - I found it hard just to choose one project too!!
    Hope you had fun doing the hop!
    Teri x

  4. Two fantastic creations. It is so difficult choosing isn't it. Thanks for joining in with the fun.
    Happy New Year.
    Pat xx

  5. What beautiful layered flowers! Love these two creations. Had a bit of a drool over your cards on your blog. You have such a fab collection of snowman images, both rubber and digi by the looks of it - all soooooo cute!!!
    Thanks for joining in the blog hop and's so great to be introduced to new blogs :)

  6. Very pretty Nancy!! Hope you & your family had a wonderful holiday!! Have a very Happy New Year!!

  7. Beautiful work, looking at your blog there is a great range of styles here. Especially love the first card here but can easily see why you love them both.

    Happy new Year

  8. Both beautiful! I think my favourite is the first, as I just love those colours

  9. I agree - both of these projects are gorgeous!
    I didn't realize you lived in Prescott, I luv it there!

    All the best to you and yours in the New Year!

    Peace & Luv,

  10. Two stunning cards - I can see why you chose them. I am now going to take a peek at your lovely blog!
    Sylvia x

  11. OH, Lovely Cards! I can see why you picked these! The details are wonderful, I especially love the flowers on the second card, just amazing!

  12. WOW Nancy, 2 stuning cards, I love them both. I can see why it was hard to choose.
    Thanks for joining in the blog hop and a well deserved award.
    Christine xx

  13. Jill has come up with a great idea with the award, and I am really enjoying hopping round to see everyones favourite work...
    I love your project's...
    The card is beautiful I love the colour's and the flower is gorgeous

    Great work...


  14. Gorgeous cards Nancy - love what you do with the stamped images of flowers - very pretty and elegant. Just love that shadow box, I must try that one day!


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