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Sweet Sketch Wednesday and Clear Dollar Stamps

Are you is Wednesday again and that means it is
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So, hurry on over and join in the fun.  Our Design Team have created some amazing cards this week and you won't want to miss out on seeing them. 

I just have to tell you the reason I picked the image I did for my first card.  I has brought back so many wonderful memories of when I was growing up.
When Arlana, Judi and I were growing up, we lived on a farm.  Our father raised everything imagineable, from every kind of animal to all kinds of birds.  My favorite time of the year was in the spring and summer months when dad would put the eggs in the incubator and we would wait for the eggs to hatch so that he could sell them.  I remember that we could hardly wait for the day to arrive for the first one to start hatching.  We would watch ever day to see their progress.  It was a wonderful experience to watch.  We had baby chicks, gosslings, and ducklings. And, a whole lot more....I raised a baby goose one spring (named Friskie) and it followed me everywhere.  However, I could say that about any of the little ones because they all thought we were their mother.  We would get down on all fours and wonder around the yard with them following behind us.  I will never forget when Arlana was about two and she decided that she wanted some lunch or something and took a bit out of Friskies webbed foot.  Friskie had a hole in his foot from then on.  When he was an adult goose, I could always tell which one he was because of that.  This image of the ducklings reminds me of my youth and I just couldn't resist coloring it up.  The ducks look just like the ones we raised. I used the quilled flower because I could just see the ducks reaching down and nibbling on it. They would nibble at the grass for hours.  These are just a few of my fond memories of my youth.

"Fuzzy Duckling"

Stampin up and K & Company paper
Quilled flower
Round and Scalloped Nesties
Copic markers

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  1. Hi Nancy I do love both of your cards they are both lovely. But the ducklings caught my eye and your love story of your childhood. Mine was very similar dad was a farmer and mum would raise the ducklings, and chickens mum would put eggs under a broody hen to keep them warm for hatching. She would also sell the babies or their egg. We had ducklings, geese and turkeys. I remember being chased down the drive way which was really long on the farm by a goose which could run faster than me and prceeded to bite my bum. Such fond memories....LOL
    Take care and enjoy your weekend

  2. Love your story - I grew up on a farm, but it was a grain farm. The only babies we had were wheat shoots LOL.

    Both your cards are very pretty - such nice soft colors!

    Deanne :)

  3. Those little ducklings look like they are having a conversation about something - don't they? Your card is adorable and thanks so much for sharing the reason you chose this image. Your blue card with the pretty flowers is just beautiful.

    Peace & Luv,

  4. Hi Nancy, what a lovely story about the duck Friskie and Arlana -- LOL! It sounded like you had such fun growing up on a farm and seeing baby chicks and things. That is such a great experience. I just adore both cards as you've designed them with sweetness as usual. You have a great paper stash and lots of lovely embellishments to bring out the beauty of each creation. Thanks for sharing that heart warming story with us!

  5. Oh Nancy, both cards are wonderful. Yes, the ducks look just like the baby ducklings we had growing up. Thanks to much for sharing those fond memories of our childhood. I forgot about Arlana biting Friskies foot! But I definitely have a vivid memory of it now! Your quilled flower is so perfect with that image! I also love the bouquet of flowers as I can hardly wait each summer for my calla lilies to bloom! Thank again for sharing that story! Sure missed you this time at Arlana's!

  6. Wonderful adorable cards, adorable ducklings.

  7. Nancy, I loved reading about your childhood memories. And your fuzzy duck card is absolutely adorable!!! You've colored it so beautifully, it really does look "fuzzy." And your second card is stunning in the blues. Gorgeous papers for both cards.


  8. Adorable cards Nancy, I love the images & that cute little flower. I also enjoyed reading ur childhood stories, such wonderful memories to have.


  9. Hi Nancy...beautiful cards,love the ducklings and your childhood story....i never knew until reading this that you Arlana and Judi are lovely that you all share the same hobby!

    Take care
    San x

  10. What a fun childhood story Nancy. I never realized I bit your ducks foot. Thanks for sharing such fun memories with me. I love your duck card. Couldnt be sweeter. The flower vase is colored so perfectly. Thanks for all you do. Hope you are have a sweet night love ya Arlana

  11. cute cards nancy love thoe little duck. and your handmade flower is winderful

  12. Hi Nancy, what a sweet and funny story of your childhood! I am sure Arlana is sitting back giggling remember when she bite Friskie foot! LoL. Your card is adorable and I love the flower it looks perfect with the sweet little ducklings. I love your second card so beautiful with your pretty papers and wonderful coloring.

  13. Oh gosh Nancy I just love the childhood story you've told here about Friskie. What a wonderful memory that made me just chuckle at the thought of that poor duck's foot. I almost selected this adorable duckling image myself but I would have never done it as well as you have here with the special inspiration of your memories. It's a wonderful card. I love the other one too with it's beautiful blues.
    Sharon :)


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