Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fondant Wedding Cake in Periwinkle Colors

This is a wedding Cake I made for one of our daughters. Her colors were periwinkle. The cake are covered with fondant frosting and decorated with white and periwinkle flowers. It is trimmed in silver ribbon on the bottom of each cake and there is design work around each of the cakes. The cakes were white, chocolate and marble. They were beautiful.


  1. WOW~those are AMAZING!!! They look to pretty to eat!

  2. Love the dots and design on the sides of the cake. They are really beautiful. You sure know how to make gorgeous cakes.

  3. OH MY! YOU made this?!? As if being the mother of the bride isn't enough stress?! :) This is one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I've ever seen! Stunning!


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