Sunday, June 20, 2010


This card is honor of my Father. He celebrated his 92th birthday this year.

He is such a special part of my life and I have really developed a very close relationship with him the last 10-15 years.


My father worked for the state of Utah as a Fishery Biologist. He also took care of the family farm. He would work on the farm early in the morning and then go to work for the state for an eight hour day. On returning home, he would work until dark on the farm. I will never forget how hard he worked to make sure we had food on the table. I never remember going without... Although, dad tells us that he worried from day to day as to how he was going to provide for all six of us kids. And, Mom was always close by, ready to cook things up to profection. We had all the fresh produce that we wanted and the rest of it he would sell on the corner to people in the community. The people loved his produce. The farm was in our family for over 100 years. My grandfather sold produce and so did my great-grandfather.

I have so many fond memories of our farm and all the wonderful times we had there. It was hard work..and dad really did made us work. And so, when our children were old enough to work down in the field, my husband and I made sure that they had the experience working with my dad too. They grumbled about it just like we did when we were kids, but now, they only talk about the special time they had with their grandpa. And Oh, yes, they do mention the never ending rows of tomatoes, raspberries, beans and other fruits and vegetables that they had to pick. But now it is with fond memories. I was really saddened when the property was sold and new homes were built there. We have tons of pictures of the farm before it was sold. Those memories will forever be with me. I am sure my siblings and our children feel the same way.

Thanks Dad for all you have done and still do for all of us!

I love you!

I came across this free image over at Digital Two for Tuesday.
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  1. Such a touching story hun. Shame they go building all over these places nowadays. You wait, they'll moan when there's nowhere left to grow stuff!
    Love the card hun. Hope Dad has a great day.
    Teri x

  2. Beautiful story and stunning Father's Day card Nancy! I love how you colored this image, perfect! Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Nancy, you couldn't have written a better tribute to Dad. It's the same way I remember it all! Your card is so perfect...glad I got a sneak peak before I can touch it in a few days! Dad, was thrilled about your card! Now I know why! I love how you colored up that image. I'm sure it brought back fishing memories for Dad too! Sure love ya!

  4. That is the perfect card for Grandpa. Yeah, we did complain, but it is an experience that I will never forget. The best part of it all was being there with grandpa. I'm sure he'll love this card!

  5. Nancy, what a lovely story - love those memories; must have been exciting growing up on a farm - so many things to learn. Your card is such a beautiful thought of a wonderful daughter who loves her dad. I just know your father will love your thoughtfulness. My dad loved to fish too - fun memories we have! I hope you've had a great week!

  6. Awh wow Nancy, that is so cool! I had cousins farms to play on as a kid and this year i've put in my first veggie patch, i'm sure there will be a photo posted at some stage on the blog. I've got lettuce, spring onions, carrots, tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Oh and a trough of strawberries. My little man loves getting mucked up to the eyeballs so i'll definately be making it an annual thing. :-) Thanks for sharing such a fond memories!


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