Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Grand-daughter's Birthday Cake

I thought maybe I should post my other grand-daughter's birthday cake. I don't want to leave she out. She has loved Tinker Bell from the time she started walking...maybe even before that. She calls her "Neenee".
She was so delighted to have Tinker Bell for her cake.
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  1. Hi Nancy another lovely cake she was one very lucky little girl and a very proud grandmother. Lovely photo. Doesn't that black food colouring colour your teeth and tounge.
    Take care

  2. Let me tell you, that cake was a hit! She loved her TinkerBell cake and had a blast with all her new TinkerBell toys. I think she's obsessed!

  3. Nancy, what an adorable little granddaughter (I sneaked a peek at your daughter's blog and what a great blog SHE has!). This cake is so great! I tried decorating cakes when I was younger and ate more frosting than I put on the cake so had to give that up! What joy to be able to do this. I've back tracked and seen the older posts and your cakes are just phenomenal; you are such a talented cookie! :-)

  4. adorable cake and an adorable grand-daughter!
    vanessa xx

  5. Wow, I missed this one! It is so adorable. You are the best grandma! Look at "O's" eyes. She is in awe!!!! What a grandma!

  6. Ya know, O's eyes are always that big, let me tell you! There is only one size!

  7. OH my dd would love this cake too!! She LOVES tinkerbell. Such a wonderful talent you have Nancy!


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