Sunday, August 22, 2010

My dear sweet blog friend, Terry over at Crafter's Delight gave me this blog award. She is such a sweet heart and is always thinking of other people. she always seems to know when I need a little cheering up. She is so kind hearted.
When you receive this award,you must do a little bit:
1. Thank the person who sent it to you. Thank you so much Terry! You are the best!!!
2. Put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things about yourself.
1.I love all kinds of crafts: sewing, painting, drawing, card making and the list goes on....
2. I work full time
3. I love making and doing things for others.
4. Post a favorite picture. Not sure on the picture yet...I am looking.

5. Pass on to 5 other bloggers.
I'd like to pass this sweet award to: I would give it right back to Terry. She is the sweetest person ever!!
1. Erika. Erika got into card making because "I" thought she would enjoy it if she would give it a try. She is super busy but has found time to humor her mother....and, I think she is really enjoying it. She is always calling me to make sure I am doing ok...Love ya Lots!!!

2. Arlana There isn't a more talented, caring, loving, and giving person in the whole world. Arlana has so much on her plate and still she finds time to give. She is truely one of those priceless gems. love you!

3. Judi Judi is saying right now, "why did you do this to me....I don't have time for this" :) I just had to do it. Judi doesn't realize how talented she is. I am in "awe" of her cards every week..they are so gorgeous!! Judi also spends many, many hours helping Arlana with Sweet Sketch Wednesday. Judi is a very caring and giving person always going the extra mile...I am so lucky to have two wonderful sisters!!! love ya!

4. Kathy Kathy has only been on our Design Team for a short time. I fell in love with her cards the moment I first saw them. Kathy has such a kind spirit and always leaves such wonderful comments for our followers. Thanks for all you do!!

5.Jenny Jenny has been on our DT for awhile and is the sweetest person. She has a challenge blog of her own and is very busy. She always has beautiful cards and always goes the extra sending gifts to Arlana, Judi and I ! Thanks so much for all you do!!

I wish I could give this award to all of our DT. They should be the ones to get it too! Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Thanks Mom! You made me cry! I do enjoy making cards. It's been a release for me in many ways. Love you tons!

  2. Oh Nancy, honestly, YOU are the best! I cannot express in words how much meeting you in blog land has made such a difference for me from day one - your warm and caring heart is so real and felt. I had tears in my eyes seeing your note to your daughter and hers back to you. You are one of those rare finds in life - a beautiful person who gives so much without even knowing the beauty of the gift you give to others. {{{{Hugs!}}}}

  3. Thanks, Nancy! I do appreciate your sweet comments! You are right...all of our DT deserve this award! Thanks for thinking of me! You are right on the busy part....but I do appreciate you thinking of me! Love ya!

  4. Hi Nancy, you did make my day yesterday thanks so much for being there and being so special your childern are very lucky to have such a lovely Mum. I too had a wonderful Mum she was my best friend but she past away when I was due to have Ryan 9 years ago. You remind me of her with your talents. She was a dress maker, she bottled fruit, made jam, all our clothing, knitted cross stitch and iced wedding cakes and cakes like yourself and I was the youngest of 7 children. Also my Dad and her had a wonderful vegetable garden and she frozen our veges for the winter. Please visit my blog and have a look at this posting.

  5. Awh Nancy, I shed a tear too. I'm uber hormonal and the cat looking at me with those sad eyes set me off earlier. LOL!!! Thanks so much for the lovely award, who cares if i've got it. I'll hit up the rest of our DT! :-D So glad you got your post, was worried about it there for a min. Wait till ya see what Christmas has in store! :-D Started already even though it's only August. LOL!!!


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