Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arlana's Craft Room

I have been promising that I would show you Arlana's craft room. Now you know why Judi and I love going there. It is a little bit of heaven!
You can get a little idea of how big it is because you can see the queen size mattress that I sleep on. Well, when Judi and I are both there, there is room for two mattresses. Actually, there is probably room for three.

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  1. Hi Nancy! I love Arlana's craft room, I am in awe! She is so lucky to have this fabulous space to create in. My craft room is all over my house, I am so messy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. WOW!! WOW!! Oh how fun and awesome!!!

  3. Now that is impressive!! Is there room for me there too!?!?!

    Deanne :)

  4. Now that's a room to stay in, Nancy - no wonder you just have the time of your life you and Judi. It is just wonderful to have everything so well organized but I expect it would be like with Arlana. Wow - it's so amazing! So nice to have a bed there for a probably never even sleep when you're there - look at all you get to do! ;-)

  5. WOW what an AWESOME craft room,I can see why you love going there!!! BTW Thanks so much for the lovely comment!!

  6. OH WOW!! What a room! I am so jealous - will you all adopt me so I can come over, too? Heeehee.


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