Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fondant Princess Cake

I made this cake for my granddaughters birthday this year. She loves having a special cake made every year and we always try to out do the year before. This is made from a Wilton cake mold. I used fondant for the skirt and bodice of the dress. The head and body is a pic that is also from Wilton. The bottom cake is covered in cream cheese frosting. Hope you enjoy the cakes that I post. Posted by Picasa


  1. Your Cake is so cute!!! Your granddaughter is very luck to have you make special cakes for her. Mine would have a fit if they saw that. So SWEET!!! Great job your cakes are Beautiful...

  2. Your cake is so adorable! You GD is super lucky to have these special cakes designed for her.

  3. That cake it so cute. I will have to try my hand at that one of these years. But I have a feeling it wouldn't look anything like yours! You really have a talent with cakes!


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